About the Institute



Our vision is to make the Institute of Translation and Arabization a leading institution in conveying the enriched fields of science and knowledge in Islam, Arabic and humanities to the non-native speakers of Arabic. And to take part in Arabizing various fields of knowledge and science for the benefit of Arabic speakers.



Our mission is to provide a motivational ground run by the best qualified staff in the fields of translation and Arabization in order to enrich the University disciplines with theoretical and applied knowledge from different languages in a way that would meet the needs of different community sectors and reflect the University’s global mission.



  1. Reflecting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s global mission through the Institute’s translation services to convey the achievements of scholars, researchers and faculty members in universities and scientific centers in the fields of humanities, Islamic and social sciences to beneficiaries worldwide.
  2. Participating in realizing the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz’s vision in making a scholarly communication with the developed countries for mutual benefits and to boost interfaith and intercultural dialogue.
  3. Enriching the scientific and cultural content of the University’s scientific disciplines by Arabizing books and scientific references.
  4. Presenting the University’s clear image through reflecting its interest in Translation and Arabization.
  5. Translating journals, books and distinguished research, issued by the University, to other languages.
  6. Re-Arabizing scientific books that lost their Arabic origin.
  7. Translating scientific terms, compiling terminological dictionaries in cooperation with the University’s academic departments and similar scientific institutions and working on standardizing and publicizing them.
  8. Assisting religious and legal bodies in Arabizing terms related to their field of work.
  9. Translating laws, regulations, agreements and documents.
  10. Arabizing laws, regulations, agreements and documents.
  11. Providing translation, interpretation and editing services to beneficiary bodies inside and outside the Kingdom.
  12. Conducting research related to the field of translation.