Implementing Regulations


Translation, Arabization and Publishing Implementing Regulations


Article (21)

A scientific achievement recommended for publication by the University is considered to be:

  1. Theses (dissertations).
  2. Scientific research.
  3. Textbooks.
  4. Written work and library references.
  5. Translation of references, text books …etc.
  6. Authentication of historical literature.
  7. Scientific encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  8. Whatever the Scientific Council deems appropriate for publication and falls in line with the University objectives.


Article (23)

If the dissertation is published in a foreign language and the University Council considers it important to translate and publish it in Arabic, the University Council would set the remuneration for its translation.


Article (26)

The Scientific Council has the authority to review scientific achievements (a research, an authorship, a translation or an authentication) submitted for publication in the name of the university provided that the work is original and falls in line with the University objectives.


Article (27)

The Scientific Council will set detailed rules and principles concerning the publication of any of the items referred to in Article (21).


Article (28)

Scientific achievements submitted for publication are evaluated by at least two specialized referees and the Scientific Council is authorized to set the detailed rules and procedures to be followed in refereeing, authentication, and editing.


Article (29)

Remunerations of authors, authenticators and translators are determined by the Scientific Council upon the referees’ recommendation report in accordance with the subject of the book, its scientific value and the amount of effort spent in it. This remuneration should not exceed (50000) Saudi Riyals per book.


Article (30)

Remunerations for authorship or translation of encyclopedias and encyclopedic books are governed by the plan and procedures approved by the Scientific Council; provided that the remuneration does not exceed 50000 Saudi Riyals per volume.


Article (31)

A remuneration of maximum (2000) Saudi Riyals per book is given to those assigned the task of scrutinizing or refereeing authored, authenticated or translated books whether they are from inside or outside the University.


Article (32)

A remuneration of maximum (2000) Saudi Riyals per book is given to proofreaders of books published by the University.


Article (33)

A remuneration of maximum (500) Saudi Riyals is given for everyone participating in refereeing and examining each scientific achievement submitted for an academic promotion; provided that the total does not exceed (7000) Saudi Riyals for evaluating the whole submitted scientific achievement.


Article (34)

The owner of the work submitted for publication is responsible for correcting the proofs and setting the whole index, and this owner should be given a hundred copy of his/her material which is printed by the University.


Article (35)

In case of translated work, the following requirements should be considered:

  1. The translated work should have scientific benefits and an appreciable application.
  2. The translated work should be refereed by one or more editors.
  3. The translator and the editor should perfectly master source and target languages.
  4. The translator should be committed to consider the feedbacks and modifications recommended by the editor.
  5. Translation and publication rights should be obtained from the concerned authorities prior to commencement of the work.


Article (36)

The financial return of publication rights is considered as a disclaim of printing copyrights of the book that he/she authored, authenticated or translated for five years, starting from the date of the Scientific Council approval of printing the work.


Article (37)

On reprinting of the works published by the University, the authors will be treated in accordance with the following:

  1. There is no financial right on reprinted material if the work was a result of a scientific project funded by the University, the printing copyright had been purchased permanently by the University or the work was carried out by people who were granted sabbatical leaves by the University.
  2. When reprinting works of authors from whom the University has purchased publishing copyrights, the authors are remunerated, provided that the remuneration does not exceed the amount of money they received from the first print.


Article (38)

The university reserves all rights to republish works for a period of five years.  If the author adds an important part to the new edition, the Scientific Council will determine the amount of the remuneration after the referee’s (examiner’s) approval.


Article (39)

Five years after the Scientific Council has given its approval for the University to print a scientific work, all republishing copyrights will revert back to the author or his/her heirs. Any further republication of the scientific work by the university after this period will be carried out by agreement with the author.


Article (40)

The Scientific Council is authorized to consider the republication of a scientific work that was not published by the University before or was out of print if it has a special academic value. The remuneration for the republication is determined by the Scientific Council.