Dean’s Word


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,

A Royal approval of The Higher Education Council’s resolution regarding the establishment of the Institute of Translation and Arabization in Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University was issued, and work starts as of Muharram the 30th/1433 A.H. (December 25th /2011 AD ) with the appointment of its first Dean.  Despite the Institute’s recent establishment, the University efforts in translation and Arabization are long-standing and began since its establishment.  Hence, the founding of  the Institute came as a natural result of the University services and keen interest in translation and Arabization not only at the University level but at the level of the dear homeland of ours.  The Institute establishment comes at a time the field of translation and Arabization receives national and international importance and growing interest after the establishment of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques International Prize in Translation and the call for dialogue of religions and cultures by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The Institute is glad to offer its services in translation and Arabization, training and research. It will also endeavor to provide its best services in translation in both types (written and oral), as well as providing courses, seminars in this scientific field to both government and privet sectors.

In addition, the Institute invites people specialized and interested in its field to contact it and fill in what suits them from the various forms uploaded to this website.  Furthermore, the institute aspires to hire the most qualified translators.  Therefore, whoever is interested in joining our team; please send your C.V. to the Institute’s official email

All thanks and appreciation for everyone who participated in establishing the Institute, and I pray Allah the almighty to reward them and grant them success.  Our concluding prayer is “Praise be to Allah, Lord of all creation”.

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Albanyan,

Dean of Institute of Translation and Arabization.